It's normal- TMI PICTURE

Ladies, I wanted to show you all this picture just so you all know something. This is a picture of my black panties, that I've been in for about 5 hours today. This is the last day before I start my period, and I had some sexy time with my boyfriend.
Discharge is perfectly normal, it happens to every girl, and it can stain/show on any color underwear that you have. It's not icky, or unclean. It's just your vagina, and it's 100% normal. I saw that post about the girl showing her black underwear 100% clean, no discharge, and she said it was a hot day and she got head that day and then she went on to say that if your panties don't look like that, then go to the doctor. I'm here to say that I'm a perfectly healthy woman, and this is what my BLACK underwear look like after about five hours. Unless your discharge looks like something is seriously wrong with it, then it's completely normal and it's just your vagina doing its thing. 
I just wanted to post this to let all of you ladies know that it happens to everyone, it's not embarrassing or gross, and you're not alone 👍