Baby Shower Success!

Bri • 30, Mama to a 6 year old and pregnant with baby #2 🤰🏼👶🏻🌈 due July 4, 2023 🧨
I was so afraid that no one would show up to my baby shower after reading so many horror stories on here and online about no shows and just baby shower let downs that I had anxiety the whole time planning it with my mother in law. Although we had a significant amount of no shows, almost everyone who RSVP'd showed up and we quickly filled up the tables by the end of the night and had three long tables full of gifts! I couldn't believe how blessed we are to have so many caring family and friends. We have everything we need for Emmy and enough money to put into a savings. It helps that we have a big family and chose to do one big shower versus a few small ones. Everyone planning their shower, try not to stress, everything will work out. Your true family and friends will show their support.