Some men are so inconsiderate! (Vent)

So I dated this guy for almost 10 months we will say. He was chill. Went to his rugby games, we'd do little things like the mall, always eating out lol drive around for fun, spent a lot of time at his cottage (every other weekend practically) .

We did not have sex, call me crazy but I'm old fashioned and personally I want to wait til marriage. Don't judge me it's just my personal choice! Not badmouthing anyone else's opinion! I made it clear to him what I believe and he was fine with it.

Anyways he dumped me a month ago because his brother told him to dump me (he told him that he couldn't marry a black girl and that he had to marry an girl of the same race. Italian.) I was like fine ok good knowing you bye. (I'm black and 19 he's Italian and 20)

I got over the racism and let it be. Haven't spoken since.

I leave for a trip tomorrow and I'm gone for 1 month (going to the lovely UK!) I get a text tonight from him saying he's sorry for how he treated me, he said he told his family to f*** off and that he's going to love who he wants and he said that he loves me can't get me out of his head can't live without me.

How do I respond? Thanks in advance for your comments ladies