Travel System Recommendations

Okay mommas - we are trying to decide on a travel system. Background on us/our needs: We are US-based first time parents and frequent fliers. Little one will be making several long haul flights (DFW -> DXB, BOM, LHR) plus frequent domestic flights in her first year. When we are at home, peanut will spend most of her time point to point in one of our SUV's as public transport isn't really a thing in Dallas. It's important for us to have a system that is lightweight, but has a lot of the features of the larger strollers. Compatibility with an infant car seat is a must. We are comfortable making a significant investment in the right system. I think we narrowed it down to the UppaBaby Cruz, Bugaboo Bee3, and Stokke Scoot. We are leaning toward the Cruz. Anyone have feedback or "must-know" pointers for the Cruz? Also, is there a travel-friendly, grows with your child option we haven't considered and should? Thanks!!