Discomfort down there

Needing some advice - gave birth to my first baby Thursday afternoon. Have stitches for what my doctor described as a "superficial" third degree tear, and now I've developed hemorrhoids - which is new for me, and coupled with the fact that I have yet to have a post-birth bowel movement, it's kinda freaking me out (potential pain from when I finally do go). I've been using Dermaplast, witch hazel wipes, ice packs, doc put me on pain meds and a stool softener/laxative combo, and suggested I start taking milk of magnesia today if I still hadn't gone. Nothing yet, but the pain of going with the hemorrhoids is scary. Is there anything else I can do to 1) help me go, preferably soften stool, and 2) get rid of these dang hemorrhoids - I swear they're worse than my stitches.