Emergency c-section questions

Mari 🌼🐝 • MOMMY OF 2 KINGS 👶🏾👶🏾👑
So I watched a video called " the business of being born" where it talks a little about how doctors don't necessarily take the proper steps that come w labor & how if your labor isn't going at a speed they prefer they speed it up with pitocin which increases the pain of your contractions along w getting them started if you haven't already & then with the pain of the now intensified contraction you get your epidural & another one if your contractions are that bad but in the video they talked about how all these steps send your baby into shock which lowers the heart rate & when the doctor sees that you have to go into an emergency c-section , which all could've been avoided if the doctor would've let your labor process go on its on speed..so the question I have is Have any of you mothers experienced this happen to you with your birth , just looking for stories