Admitted to the hospital 😔

My 7 week old developed a fever last night and after a call to his doctor we had to take him to the ER where they took a urine sample with a catheter and drew blood and gave him an IV lock until we left. At a follow up visit this morning, his pediatrician wasn't happy with how he was looking so she sent us back to the ER where they did even more bloodwork, had to stick him in both hands and both feet trying to get the IV in, and performed a chest x-ray and spinal tap to help rule out possible issues. They're thinking it's likely a viral infection that they can't do much about but the poor baby has a club arm while the fluids and antibiotics run through him and we wait for all of the results to come back. We have to stay here for 48 hours for observation and he has to keep the sad IV in the entire time. It's breaking this mama's heart. And top of all that, it's Father's Day and my husband's 30th birthday today. 😭 I know none of us know each other in person, but please say a prayer for my little guy to heal quickly and bounce back fully so we can get out of here and get home to his three-year-old sister!!