Hornier than my bf lol

I feel like I have a way higher sex drive than my bf. I'm basically nearly always in the mood (lol)and I've never turned him down when he's wanted to have sex but he's done that to me. Sometimes I'll give him signs I want sex and he'll realise and just say he's not in the mood. And I know he feels bad when he does this and of course I'm not angry with him like of course I'm not gonna force him to have sex - but it has started to bum me out a bit. Obviously it's not his fault at all but it just makes me feel like there's no point me making any effort because I'm scared he won't want to. Like I'd love be spontaneous and sexy but I feel like I can't because I'm scared I'll be rejected, I just have to be boring and wait there for him to come to me and make the first move. It's like I have to completely switch that part of myself off. Has anyone else had this sort of problem? Is this a normal thing for guys, aren't they the ones who are supposed to be horny anyway lol?