MIL issues

Anybody else's mother in law drive them crazy? I was just in the hospital the other day because I thought I was in pre-term labor (turned out to be kidney stones). She knew about it but didn't call and check on me or the baby. I saw her today and she didn't ask how I was feeling or how the baby was doing at all, she just said "dang you're getting fat". I've only gained 12 pounds since I got pregnant (I'm 6 months along now). Shortly after we announced about the baby, a comment was made that if he didn't have a particular birthmark where most of the family has one, that she'll recommend that my husband get a DNA test done. I told my husband that if his family doesn't start acting concerned about me and the baby, that I don't want them at the hospital acting like super grandparents. And if she checks him over to see if he has the birthmark, I'll be asking her to leave. Am I right to feel this way in this situation or am I overreacting?