7week old so cranky past couple days...

Yesterday he was great but mostly the past few days he's been cranky and he has these little phases where he is not happy lying down...he just want to be held on our shoulders. Yesterday he was really great until night and then I was feeding him in bed and he was falling asleep and then he woke up and cried like someone punched him or something and wouldn't be quiet unless we held him up...this happened day before yesterday too...after coming back from Drs office (no shots or anything) we were gonna take a nap and got in bed and he was feeding and falling asleep and then woke up all of a sudden and started crying and then I calmed him and he started eating again and got soooo close to falling asleep and again he woke up and started crying so I got frustrated and took him downstairs and laid him on the couch while I sat next to him and within like 5 mins he was asleep!! So weird! I have no idea what's wrong...is there something wrong or is this normal? Is it a phase? I'm just really tired and confused. I feel like some babies are so calm and chill even if they're not being held but this little guy mostly hates being put down (aside from the few times he's calm and actually plays a bit. I don't even know how to really explain Bc there's not really a pattern...I just feel like maybe it's something I'm eating going through my milk to him...is that possible? Please gimme your thought ideas or experiences plzzzz! 
😪 having a baby is so confusing and stressful 😭 
For all those single moms and dads out there or parents who's SO are gone or out of the house a lot/most of the day...I respect you so much. You have a lot of patience and strength.