business idea!?? possible Daycare

-i have been babysitting for about 6 years now no family members Right now Im up to 16 kids Im only 17.. from single child family to 6 kids family to autistic 3 years old twins to severely autistic/speech/ walking problems and so much more 2 brothers.. a whole lot of experience.. from 3 - 12 years old..

-have decided not to get a "really job" since i make good money and enjoy the job very much...

- i start college now in August.. want to go into Forensic Psychology concentrate on childrens.. HOWEVER! its many years n not sure if i be happy with it..

- so i was thinking do what i need to do start up a daycare and get certified for a few things since i have the kids for it! plus i Coach a socc3r team with huge league thst would get me many clients...

- however most of my clients are a few hrs at home while they go to a date / stay late at work from 5-11 (during school year some work at night so i do overnight.. so i think i wouldn't get much these parents because it wouldn't be during the day.. it would be good for the summer but the summer its only so long lol

i could do something as "after hrs daycare" but it makes it harder on the kids to be out on school nights..

-was thinking making an app getting other women to work with me.. at the clients home what I'm doing now..


please if you have children please give me your input what you would prefer...

i know daycare can be very expensive but i have been able to obtain alot of kids at such young age because i know things are not easy there are bills and i knowfor sure not everyone gets paid the same its completely unfair for me to give the same rate to every parent.. i know sometimes things get tight but something has to get done but you can't pay me today well just pay when you can.. i do mini special every 4 days get 5 hrs free.. I'm affordable, extremely available with short notice, very flexible and great with kids.. 😊

any ideas and how to make this a bigger business...???