Nikki • Pregnant
I downloaded <a href="">Eve</a> a few months ago and use it very often to keep track of my cycle I'm sure many others do as well. I've been on Sprintec since last July and over the last 4 mos I've had issues with my cycle. OB/GYN says its take some time to get back into a regular cycle (like 3 mos ago) and to keep taking my pill. Ok np there. Well now I'm on cycle day 101 and my period is 60 days late now. I've had a few pg symptoms but when I taken tests earlier in the missing days they were all neg. now I'm more emotional, sore boobs for like a month or so, cravings, nausea, a few episodes of vomiting (tmi sorry), and the lower part of my abdomen is getting harder. I've got two kids from previous relationships and my bf has 3 he doesn't want anymore but refuses to wear a condom and says if I ever ended up pg we'd have to have a very serious talk about it. Now I'm not one for taking that road for myself. If I am do I leave him or hope he changes his mind? I'm so confused, stressing and highly emotional that idk what to do except move back to my parents and figure it out from there bc he's not big on changing his mind. Except he says he wants to marry me but then acts like a complete A-hole and makes it hard for me to consider saying yes. What is a woman to do??? 😥😱💤