Step Parents are parents too


I was at the store getting my husband, who has a daughter, his Father's Day Dinner of Fried Chicken.. his

There was a man with his wife and 3 children. The mother asks the man what he would like for dinner since its Father's Day. That is when the oldest child, who is at least 12, says, "He isnt even our real dad.. why does he get a day? He isnt a father.. fathers have their own kids." The wife got upset and told her son that this man IS his real father.. that this man stepped up and took on the responsibility of taking care of 3 children like they were his own. The man told his wife it was ok.. he doesnt need recognition for something he takes pride in doing.. sometimes they challenge authority. He asked all the kids what they wanted for dinner, then proceeded over to get what they decided on.

That struck a cord with me.. I unfortunately know a number of people who think the only ones who should be acknowledged on Mothers Day and Fathers Day are the people who actually made the child. Step parents, even if they are all the child has ever known, do not count. Its disgusting. I know that almost this same exact thing has been said to me and I know, eventhough you dont show it, it hurts deep down.

So, on my way out to my car I passed the husband and wife and kids putting groceries away and getting in the car. I walked right up to the man and handed him a Fathers Day card I bought inside the store and Thanked Him for stepping up to be a parent when he didnt have to. I told him that hopefully, one day, the children will realize and appreciate him for the amazing person he is.

I went to my car and was putting groceries away when the wife walks right up to me and hugs me. She told me that her husband had slight tears in his eyes as he explained what I said and she just wanted to Thank Me.

Its sad and I felt for this man.. like we were kindred spirits or somwthing fighting the good fight and stepping up to be the best we can/are allowed to be.

** I know some might say that step parents are not all good.. I get that. What people need to remember is that not all Biological parents are good either.