My boyfriend is small.. And my butt is big...


Hay guys. I just recently started being sexually active about two months ago. I'm 19 and my boyfriend will be 21 July first. He's so sweet to me. He's absolutely head over heals in love with me, and he dose anything in his power to keep me happy. And I love him for it. God blessed me with a good man. When we decided to start having sex, we were both virgins at the time. When we first started having sexual encounters he went down on me. It was wonderful! He was really good at it! But he wouldn't let me touch him. 😢 he's a bigger guy, and he was to embarrassed of his size. When he finally let me go down on him, I realized what he meant. He's only about 4.5 inches completely hard... That didn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to me. I love him. A lot. So when we started actually having sex it was an issue because I have a really big booty... And he has a smaller sized penis. So we can only have sex in one position. The original, him on top me on bottom. I can't even get on top, and we can only do doggy style for a short amount of time because my booty gets in the way. The only way he can please me is orally. And he feels incapable of pleasuring me because of that. How can we improve our sex life? How can I boost his confidence?

He has major self confidence issues because he almost lost it before me with another women. But when he pulled down his pants, she laughed at him. And his mother left his step dad because he was to small. So he's afraid I'll leave him.