Could I be pregnant? All symptoms below:)

So I'm not late yet, but I'm just kinda suspicious. Up until a couple days ago I was experiencing nausea almost every day. When the nausea stopped it was because I came down with a horrible horrible cold like I've never had before. In addition I've had weird cramps for about a half a week and I never get cramps that early from starting. My breast have also been sore for about a week as well as my whole body (but I chalked my body up to the fact that it was right before I got sick). I also got a migraine a couple weeks ago for the first time in 2 years. Im also on medication for anxiety and depression and since I started I've never had a breakdown, but last weekend I had two terrible one. On Saturday I also just randomly became starving and ate so much food; the same thing happened yesterday and today. I'm supposed to start Wednesday and I'm never late but I'm impatient haha any help is appreciated :)