My very first Two Week Wait - Wish Us Luck!

Kelly • Married. 4 years TTC #1. VA🍍. PCOS.
TTC for 4 years (not trying but not preventing) and recently married to my DH. This is our very first cycle tracking everything - & I mean everything on top of taking Primrose Oil, B6, Prenatals, Folic Acid, & Mucinex to help. Checking OPK 2x/day. Checking CM & CP (yikes!). Checking BBT same time every morning. He is good to go (great semen analysis results and 1 son from a previous relationship years ago) so I have been really focusing on me this cycle. Used my first run of OPKs and FINALLY got my first +!!! Absolutely terrified and anxious and already antsy to test in two weeks. Have been BD like no other lol. Good vibes and baby dust welcome during the longest 2 weeks of my life!