Positive test since 10dpo but...

Hi Ladies,
Hopefully someone could fill me in on what maybe going on. So, I've tested positive since 10dpo, now I'm 14 and today is my expected period day. Since the first positive, I've developed more symptoms: very sore breasts, fatigue, slight nausea and cramps. Each day the lines on the tests get darker, but last night I changed into a sports bra (was so much more comfy)  and the boyfriend and I walked a few blocks to get ice cream. Came home and my breasts felt almost normal again and I started to slightly bleed. It was present in my urine, but nothing really on the pad. It gradually got darker and today it's still there when I wipe. Like I said today is my expected period, so I'm very confused. Had slight cramping last night when the blood appeared, but nothing I considered painful. Also, took a test again this morning and it's still a strong positive. Breasts are slightly sore, but nothing like they were. 
I have a dr. appt on Tuesdsy, but curious on if this happens often and what are the usual outcomes?! 
Thanks ladies!