Exhausted & frustrated

36 weeks tomorrow with a c-section scheduled for 3 weeks from tomorrow & my husband just doesn't get how badly the house needs to be ready & how exhausted I am. I'm still working 45 to 50 hours per week (luckily desk job but still draining ), our emergency bathroom remodel still isn't done (essentials are in but still), baby girl's room is mostly done but not complete & thanks to the emergency bathroom remodel house is still not as clean as it needs to be & carpets & furniture still need to be shampooed. If he tells me one more time he didn't sleep well & will help me later I may move out. I sleep for 45 minutes at a time if I'm lucky. He's a wondeful man & I'm also trying to fit in quality time with him & my 16 year old son but I find patience increasingly less & I'm more & more stressed. Trying not to lose it in him today so I appreciate you letting me vent.