Any Other Pregnant Teachers?

Samantha • I`m 26, married and have 3 kids, 8 months, 3 years and 6 years old. The husband and I are expecting #4 :)
I'm an elementary school teacher and I'm pregnant....again... 
I had our last baby in October last year and that was my first year teaching. A big group of the teachers and our administration were out of state at a conference when I found out about this little one. 😳 I cried and then proceeded to throw up...long story short they know I'm pregnant now. I feel bad but excited at the same time. It was rough having a baby during the school year last year and now I'm due February 4th. At least it will be 3rd quarter instead of 1st quarter.
I felt bad for my students last year because they didn't get the best substitute, I also had a very heavy "behavior" class. 
Anyone else know this feeling? I hope this year is much better. I was looking forward to teaching whole year lol.