Momma drama rant

Paige • 18 years old. First time mommy! 💙11-11-16💙
Is anyone else's mother trying to literally dictate their ENTIRE pregnancy? Like down to where you're going to live, saying you can't move in with your fiancé, giving you crap about the name you picked for your baby and totally fell in love with, telling you how you're going to feed the baby (I want to breast feed but she's, of course, saying not to)
She's putting so much stress on me and the only time I <a href="">eve</a> get away from it all is when I get to go to my fiancés house. Everything she's doing just upsets me more and more. I was raised not to talk back to your elders but I really just want to tell her to shut up and let me raise my baby the way I want to and where I want to.