I think I have a problem

Lisa • Mom of 4 boys and one baby girl. Mom of a high-school graduate, preschooler in heaven, 3 year old twins and a 1 year old princess.
I hope I haven't bought too many clothes for my twin boys. I just spent another hundred bucks at Carter's. Also $100 + at Target because of the diaper deal. We have about 600 size 1 diapers, 600 size 2's, and 34 size 3's. I have 47 onesies sizes newborn-12 months, 19 rompers, 25 sleepers, 19 outfits, 18 pairs of socks, and 7 pairs of shoes. I haven't taken any tags off or washed yet just in case I need to return for different sizes. So I'm asking other mom's of twins if this sounds like too much or if I need to keep shopping for sales?