My labor story for FTMs and whoever else would like to read :)

I was in labor from Friday afternoon to Monday night where I delivered at 1030 PM. Friday I was feeling the contractions so I went to the hospital where they told me go home. Come back when your water breaks. You're only a fingertip dilated. Essentially nothing. And my water ? I waited but  t never broke lol. Contractions continued the rest of Friday, all day Saturday then Sunday night/early Monday morning I laid awake on the couch crying all night in pain just trying to get through it knowing I had a follow up appointment the next day at 2 pm to see what stage I was at.  With the hospital an hour away, I feared driving there again and being immediately sent home again. So I made it to my doctors appointment somehow on Monday afternoon and she checked me blinked and told me wow. You are 6 centimeters. You need to get to the hospital now because the baby will be coming tonight. I honestly don't know how your standing here right now. That is amazing you've gone this long just waiting at home. Then she said when you get to the hospital you can have an epidural if you'd I did. I was so tired at that point I hoped I could sleep afterwards. But my epidural only worked for 5 minutes then I started feeling everything on the right side of my body but my left was numb. Might as well have not gotten the epidural because I don't feel it did me a lick of good. How did I make it I wonder sometimes. Well lucky me had my wonderful boyfriend there feeding me ice chips during the breaks between contractions. And they cut me down there so after that he came really fast. And when he finally came
I remember a flash of black where I felt everything just come out at once then I remember the horrible pain i felt all weekend just disappear immediately and it was sweet relief and the baby cry I heard let me know it was okay and he was healthy and alive . The best medicine was seeing and holding my baby boy in my arms and knowing it was all over. Now he is here. And he is perfect. He grows a little more every day and he amazes me with his perfect personality and I know how blessed I am. I don't want another kid, but I'd go through everything I did for him over and over again.