Clutching at straws!!

My husband and started trying for a baby in the new year. Much to our joy and amazement we fell pregnant the first month. We were over the moon. Our life was perfect... just bought a new family home and we were expecting our first bundle of joy. Heartbreak hit at 11+ weeks when wee miscarried. We were devastated. 4 months on and I'm still heartbroken. It's taking over my life. It's all I think about on a daily basis. It doesn't help that one of my close friends is pregnant and we were only 1 week apart with our dates. Anyway my period was due 3 days ago and hasn't appeared. My boobs are sore and I've got some pain at one side of my lower abdomen. But I'm still getting negative HPT. I'm all over the place. I'm so excited and then devastated every test I do. Do you think I could still be pregnant?