Gyno says "every other day is a myth" for couples with sperm issues.

Hi ladies! Just wanted to pass this bit of knowledge along for any couples ttc with known sperm issues (low count, motility, morphology, etc). My husband and I struggle with male factor fertility issues, and I was discussing this with my Gyno at my appt last Thursday. I told her how frustrated I was feeling, seeing as we time everything perfectly and make sure to BD at least every other day during my fertile week. She told me that could partly be the problem. She said for couples with known sperm issues, such as my husband and I, every other day could actually be more counterproductive than not. She went on to explain that we'd want to store up hubby's "reserves" as much as possible, rather than "tap into them" more frequently. She said a lot of couples think they need to be having a lot of sex during their fertile period, but really all it takes is just one or two well-timed "sessions" to do the trick... especially if the ejaculate has a very high sperm content due to waiting & refraining from intercourse and/or masturbation in the days prior. She told me to continue to use OPK'S, but to refrain from having sex of any kind for at least 3 days prior to a positive OPK. Then on the day I receive my positive OPK, have sex that day and the following day. She also said if we're up to it, to also have sex on the third day as well, but that it wasn't as important as those first 2 days, so don't sweat it if we didn't. She told me this has helped a number of her patients who had trouble getting pregnant go on to finally concieve, so I'm going to give it a try as well! I always thought the more sex the better, but if your partner has problems with sperm count, motility, morphology, etc., that might not always be the case. Just wanted to pass this insight along to any other couples who are in the same boat and TTC. Good luck to us all, and may the fertility gods smile down on us SOON!! Lol