Posting anonymous BC don't have time for the Rude Negative comments like everyone is perfect !

My story ive been with my partner going on 4 years....Since I've been with him I swear to god I never cheated on him .

We had a rough relationship in the beginning , but still in all I Never cheated .

I've had the same doctor for over 10 years never have I ever had Anything besides , yeast , Bv are a uti that's it. I'm currently due any day about a month ago I had some itching / an lots of brown discharge with no Smell .which I thought was BV

I come back in this month she says I tested positive for Trichomoniasis (but I'm Clear now & was also tested for other stds which negative as usual) I don't even know how to pronounce it ...I was like Uh what the h#########. She already have given me medicine before my test results came bk js in case. I'm still in denial . Oh by the way it never touch my unborn child ...we good .

She said its not all that bad like other StDS its pretty common its a parasite that lives in the vagina ,an that u can only catch it sexually ,oral are anal ..mind u I haven't had sex in months due to uncomforter .. Now I'm scared if my partner did cheat which he says he have not , that I will get it again. I'm scared to have Sex with him now ..I've really be disgusted an turned off bc i love him so much an this is his first child . I'm Clean now ...any one can relate to this negative people please stand down. Any feed bk if someone experience this ..sorry so long.