Crazy Birth Story!

Just had my 3rd daughter on May 20th, and it was a crazy whirlwind! That morning started off like usual, I went to work at 6AM, and planned to work all day. I had some mild intermittent contractions all morning but didn't think much of them because I dealt with them a lot this pregnancy. I started not feeling too good at about noon and decided to go home and put my feet up. I figured rest and water would do the trick. At about 1PM they got stronger and were 5 minutes apart. My hubby them started to get the car packed! As we got ready to head out, my contractions were at 4 minutes apart! We quickly drove to the hospital! We got to the hospital at 2:23PM, and my water broke as they wheeled me to labor and delivery. They had me get on the bed and the nurse came in to check how dilated I was. As she checked, she delivered my baby at 2:26PM!!! No pushing necessary, her head was already coming out!! An hour and a half of labor and had her within 3 minutes of arriving at hospital!! So crazy and easy!! What a blessing! Love our sweet Malayna Jo 6lb 14oz, 20 inches long!!