Panicking First kiss stuff 😨

Naraly β€’ There are times where you feel like giving up. and I understand that feeling. I have been there before and it sucks. but look on yhe brightcside of things even if you dont think that there is one.

Okay so recently I got out of the hospital and you know that Guy Friend who mentioned previously? Yeah. When i got home i was settling in and we started talking and he got on the topic of him liking me. He started asking questions about if I liked him. I said I did but as a friend. And he told me he came all the way from his trip in Canada to see me.

So he came on strong he just out of nowhere grabbed my cheek and then we started having a makeout session. πŸ˜–

And I start taking off my shirt and he starts taking off his. We stopped there but I didnt want to i wanted him to keep going.

He left without a word and im sittingb in bed at 10:21pm not knowing why he toyed with my feelings. Im practically crying at the fact that he did that. What can I do?? This guy. Was my best friend and he was so sweet and was always there for me. And him kissing me changes a lot of things.