Worst Birthday EVER!!!

(This is going to be long) First off let me start out by saying I am a hormonal mess for some reason and that didn't help today. And also by saying I am not a needed or material needed. As in I'm happy with simple happy birthdays. But today was terrible. My husband got me a card. That simply said happy birthday and I love you. No big deal I though it was cute. So we go to church (very small church been going for years) and not one person remembered until my sister said happy birthday really really loud. Then people started swarming me. Saying oh yeah. Happy birthday. Blah blah. So I was done right there. So I had lunch with the family. So fast forward to tonight. My dog had been left alone at the house all day. So I asked my husband will you please go check on her and come back. He says no. So I asked a friend and my BIL to go. They said yes and then like lolli gaged so I asked again please go now so we can have fun. Then my husband gets up and leaves to "check" on her. No goodbye or anything. Well I call him and he says he's not coming back. Knowing he has our vehicle and myself and my BIL (who is living with us atm) don't have a ride back. I'm jus done by this point.  So I asked my friend if he can drive us home. He's like blah blah blah just stay blah blah. Well then my brother opens his mouth and is like you're really rude for coming over making her cook all this food for us and leaving. I didn't even want to go over there I wanted to go home right after kids church. But noooo. We had to go. And he says that? I was livid. So I just left and cried all the way home.  This was the worst birthday ever.