Has any one felt like they weren't good enough?

Hey ladies,

Lately, my OH has been saying things that make me feel like he thinks I'm not good enough,I think it's unintentional but still hurts my feelings. I'm just wondering if any of you ever feel like this and what you do about it. We don't have much sex unless it's my fertile week, and he gives off little hints that I don't give him enough yet whenever I try to initiate it he blows me off. Or even stupid things like I've been trying to draw and I would consider them pretty decent (he's an artist) and without me asking he's putting in his input and he'll take it and start "fixing" things on it. Or when I cook, he'll tell me "that was ACTUALLY good" as if he wasn't at all expecting it to be. Like I said I don't think he's intentionally trying to hurt me but not really sure how to handle it.