Tell me what you know about ClearBlue ladies!

Here's the scoop, on Wednesday 06/22/16 my obgyn did a regular check up and ran an hcg blood test on me just because. Well my hcg level came back at 16.7! So I have more blood work on Thursday 06/30/16 to confirm if my hcg level multiplied to infact confirm if I am pregnant.
I bought a ClearBlue test that I took on Friday 06/24/16 I took the test around lunch time and I know I should have done it in the morning though. It came out positive in less than a minute...I researched clear blue and discovers that it reads hcg level 25 or higher. At all possible if my levels hadn't raised, do you think the clear blue test could read an hcg level lower than the 25 listed?