Very fast labour


Never getting pregnant again worse experience of my life.

Ended up with high blood pressure at 39 weeks 6 days and had to be induced at 40 + 1 to get it under control.

Arrived at the hospital at 1330 on the 25th where i was already dilated to 4cm. I was too far for the pessary and gel capsules so they decided to break my waters. It was crazy painful having that done.

Went straight to my labour room and each contraction was 3 times worse than the last one and they were coming fast. Was uaing gas and air to start with and a tens mahine but they only worked for so long. I practically begged for an epidural but my connections were exhausting and 30 seconds apart which meant the midwives struggled to get me on my back to be able to check if i could have it. I ended up having pethidine before the epidural to take the esge off the contractions which did help. I got a small amount of rest.

Still had the epidural but it didnt do a lot. I had about 15 mins where i had no pain but the contrqctions qiickly came back fast. I was pushing for about 2 and a half hours without pushing her out. Every push moved her but i was exhausted and they werent as effective so they decided to do forecep delivery. They gave me a local anisthetic to numb me while they put them in but pulling her out was a pain i have never experienced in my life. She had her hand by her face which stopped her coming out. I was in so much pain i was semi conscious and the gas and air totally spaced me out so i didn't know what was going on for the majority of my labour. They put her on my chess but i was so out of it i barely remember.

I was in labour for 9 hours and i can honestly say it was fhe worst experience ever and i wont be doing it again.

To top it off i then got very poorly about 30 minutes after she was born. Mu blood pressure dropped dangerously low and i lost consciousness. Im not sure if how long for. Lots of doctors rushed around me while my partner stood in the corner with our little girl panicking.

They got me under control i ended up having 2 blood transfusions because i lost so much blood and was very anaemix.

I'm still in hospital now its just over 24 hours since flea was born at 0202 on the 26th june weighing 7lb 10oz. I haven't slept and they have put me in a ward with 5 other women so don't sleep here either

I can't wait to take my little girl home we can lock ourselves away and do our own thing.