What age did you get married ?

Brittany • Expecting .. #TeamGirl💕🎀
My boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage for sometime now, we met when was 12 and have been together ever since lol. We're 23 now! Even though I wanna get married , I have to make sure that everything is perfect and by that I mean (with us).. No secrets , holding to anger about something that happened months ago ect. I told him that we should at least speak to someone like a pastor or counselor or someone we can confined in just to clear the air & before we finally decide that's something we really wanna do. His mom is a prophet and she loves me, she want us to get married but I just want everything to be perfect. 
Am I wrong? & I really wanna earn my degree first and some other goals but he wants to get married now...he feels like I don't wanna marry him because I'm not jumping up like he is but that's not the case. 
Do you think I'm being to hard about the situation?
Do you think 23 is too young to get married?