I'm due July 2 with my first, a boy! This whole pregnancy I've felt very patient and don't want to rush his arrival. Yesterday I started having regular contractions that I ended up timing, every 5min for 2 hours. Did NOT want to go in but hubby wanted me to call the Dr for peace of mind. Of course, they made me go in. So we sat in the hospital for 3 hours while they monitored, made maybe 1cm progress the whole time so we came home. Slept all night and now everything has slowed down to almost a stop. I don't want to be the mom who is trying to induce at home or doing unsafe things to try to get the baby going, but after getting excited last night and thinking we might be having him, I feel really down and embarrassed for going in and wish things would get moving again. Anybody else been through this and felt this way?