Sex-Sleepover sort of?

So I've recently connected with an old friend again. We've been friends for a while. I was wondering. Is it weird to ask him to sleep over?. I mean. We're both of age and everything. But we've slept together before. Mostly as friends with benefits. And the sex is amazing. But the thing is. When I kiss him. I don't feel any sparks, I don't feel any passion. But the sex is really good. I've made the mistake of trying to complicate things before and that's the first time we've slept together. Now I don't mind the friends with benefits thing because obviously I don't have feelings for him. So is it wrong for him to sleep over in the same bed? I mean. We were hanging out a few days ago and we fell asleep on the bed and kind of spooned. But to be held like that again. It's too weird. It brings back painful memories of my current ex. Plus I have body issues anyways. But thing is. I'd love advice. Please and thank you.