What is this??

Marya J
Hi new mums! 
I had a weird experience today & i want to know if any of you had a similar one! Sorry in advance because it's kinda long
So i had a muscle like pain yesterday in my lower back and legs, it wasnt that painful but really really uncomfortable, nothing like contractions, just dull muscle cold pain, started like 8 pm until 3 am they stopped completely. 
I was awake until 7 am -insomnia- then fell asleep and woke up at 8 with severe pain in my lower back, lower abdomen and goes down my legs too, it felt like being stabbed with 1000 knives and wasnt going away, the intensity of the pain was going lower and higher but couldnt keep track of it, got up and went to the toilet because i thought "maybe gas?", turned out to diarrhea 😞 (sorry tmi!). Anyway walked a little and tried to go back to sleep, slept for like 45 minutes-1hour and woke up with the same pain, this time it was more painful and i felt really cold and my hands kept shaking, also had diarrhea, the pain was coming and going but didnt keep track too, walked, lied down, tried warm comprass, nothing was helping to reduce the pain, said if these were real labor contractions then I'd need my power, so decided to sleep, couldnt until like 12:30 pm, slept and woke up at 3 pm feeling refreshed, no painful pain, just same muscle ache like yesterday, and some dull ache in lower abdomen... 
Has anyone experienced anything like this? Was it prodromal labor? Were they real contractions but because i was scared to death they stopped? Or it is pre labor?