Need advice

So I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. I love him more than anything. He is a wonderful father to my kids (not his biological kids). We have had our ups and downs all the time. He can go 2-3 weeks without talking to me or looking at me. Sometimes I feel like he treats me like I'm his child instead of his girlfriend. Some family and friends says he try's to control me, but I always push it off. Well I know he has a gps tracker in my car so he knows every where I go and he is constantly checking my phone record (im on his plan) and then he goes through my phone while I'm asleep. I took the passcode off so he would quit waking me up to unlock it for him. Well long story short, he thinks I cheated on him. Which I have not. But at my old job on of the employees came to work at 4 am everyday to work out. I was a security guard, so we had to always go check out the building. Well one day I was talking to the employee in the gym for about 25 mins. Well my best friend that I worked with at the time thought there was something going on between me and the employee. Well I got fired from the job and she told my boyfriend that the reason was because the was a sexual relationship between me and the employee. I have told him over and over that there is not and he said that he doesn't believe me. That happened 6 months ago. Now he is bringing it back up saying he didn't get over it and he still thinks there was something going on. He went up to my old job and talked to the security guards there for 2 hrs last week been fighting since. He told me that he will never believe me every again and I need to make up my mind if I want to be with him. He says he thinks I settled for him and that isn't the person I want to be with. He then told my girls that I was going to take them away from him and get a new boyfriend to be their daddy. I am just so torn. I honest to go love this man but he doubts me. This is the first incident like this and he like to throw the past in my face and make me feel like shit. I don't know what to do. I know that because he said he will never trust me that he will never love me the same. I feel like a bad person if I leave and take the kids away but I don't want to stay just for the kids if me and him will never work things out 

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