Need a bit of a rant sorry

Feeling really fed up once again. 
Getting sick and tired of my other half always having a go and causing problems. 
We was meant to go out with his family but I was told I want allowed to come as they had now invited his sister in law (non of us are meant to be hanging round her because she causes problems. She told everyone their grandad sexual assaulted her when he didn't then threatened his mum and sister with people then told me she was going to get me kicked out of streets rang social saying I do all this stuff when I don't.) so I was told I'm not allowed to go out with them because they all wanted her to go instead my other half then went off on one as he wanted to go so he went leaving me at home (meant to be doing the nursery this week as I have the week off work.) I rang him told him I'm not happy he. Always gets his own way he shouldn't be around us after what she said about our boy. His reply was not my problem I can see who I want. I've told them I don't want her having anything to do with my child when he is born because she is horrible yet they still let her in the house (not my house) and when I say I'm going to look for my own place they all start being funny with me. Just feel like everyone hates me and no one carers how I feel. They all talk to me like shit and Cba anymore