Low-rider baby?


I swear this baby is living in my vagina. Does anyone else feel like their baby is super low, all the time? I feel so much pressure and heaviness down low, and even kicks and thumps are felt below the pubic line.

This is my second pregnancy, 22+3, and he's been a low-rider since the start.

With my first, the pressure and heaviness came at the end (34+ weeks?)... and made me look swollen and puffy and not-cute down there... I feel that I've had the same effect with this pregnancy since about 14 weeks (TMI LOL)!!!

I LOVED being pregnant the first time around, but this one is more uncomfortable! I'm feeling incredibly blessed, either way, as we struggled for 6 years to become pregnant with this little love, but I'm definitely more anxious to evict this low-rider this time around! ;)