Feeling lonely

So me and my child's father isn't together and the first four months of this pregnant has been hell because of my emotions and him not knowing how to take them, this is his first child but my second so I knew what was to come. After meeting with his mother and her telling him like I need him and my emotions are going to be crazy a lot of the times; he finally got it. He was great coming around checking on me etc for about two weeks. But now it's back to not talking as much and the other day he asked did I need anything so I said "I'm lonely, I need affection, attention, and my back aches I need a back massage". He said ok, this was 5something he txted me the next day at around the asking what I was doing then I didn't hear from him for 3 1/2 hours and I said what was the point of you texting me and he said because he was coming to see me I'm like w.e and a half an hour later he's like seriously where are you, by that time I'm mad and told him my back doesn't ache anymore I've came to the realization I'm going to be lonely in this and I'm not that important in your life. He says you are important but I just had to work this weekend (he works three jobs and last day at one of them was Saturday) but he has some free time and I'm pregnant !! I never get my cravings unless I get them myself I haven't had a massage or back rub yet and I feel lonely and depressed and I need him, he says he knows I need him through but our baby needs money to be taken cared of (well duh) but I kno he does other stuff beside work and he has days off and still won't come see me, and jus a week ago he was all loving me kissing me and being here for me, I seriously can't count on him for nothing, he doesn't even kno I've had a migraine for four days straight or that I'm depressed cuz I feel I can't even talk to him.. I'm so lonely through this and idk what to do 😔 I jus needed to vent