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So my boyfriend and I live in two separate places. We visit when we can and communicate via FaceTime, text and calls when we're away from one another.
Recently he expressed to me he has no time to miss me because we talk everyday and I understand that 💯% 
I had a miscarriage 5 days ago so I've been emotional and clingy. He has his own way of dealing with it so I've given him the space he's requested, but mentally I'm losing it.
I feel as though I was incapable of providing what would complete us, and what he's been wanting. 
I feel like he's going to lose sight of everything we been through and our goals.
😒 okay that top half was a vent... Glad I got that out 😏....
How do I pretend like I don't miss him and stop calling so much.. It's only been the 4th day since he said it and I still find myself texting Good morning 
Good night trying to keep it simple , but this is hard.