People saying "your getting old"

We went to a friends birthday house party this last Saturday! I ended up leaving the party with the girls to pick up cake/food. While out all the husbands were talking about how my husband and I should think about having a baby, and how I am getting old and he shouldn't wait. I'm 31! Seriously, telling him that I'm getting old? I get that it's easier to get pregnant when at a younger age but really? It's going to almost be a year since we've been trying, imagine how we feel! The hubby didn't want to share this with me, but he was disturbed with the amount of pressure  they were putting on him and let out. I don't ever want to hang out with these so called friends! Way to make someone feel like shit, just because all your wives had no problems getting pregnant. I have to say that no one really knows we are trying, I'm just tired of all this baby talk people are trying to give us! I recently started taking meds for my thyroid and am taking such good care of my body, and there their wives are drinking itup and  getting pregnant with a sneeze! Life is so unfair! :'(
Sorry ladies, I just needed to share this with someone!