Rant.. Anyone else?

I'm not trying to be a bitch at all so please ladies don't think that, I am over everyone asking if they're pregnant from the littlest things. " he came inside me but I'm on the pill, could I be pregnant?" There's always a chance but I doubt it. You're on birth control. Or " he came a little, but I had my panties on, can I get pregnant!?" Like really?!? To me it's just like, hello, you need to do your research, talk to a doctor, find these things out before you even have sex! Maybe they want to be pregnant and they need the very smallest sign to take a test. IF YOU THINK YOU COULD BE PREGNANT, TAKE A TEST!! We're not doctors( maybe some of us are ) but we aren't your doctor, we aren't pregnancy test, we can't tell you whether or not you're pregnant. Go to a doctor, get a test and check yourself! Okay, rant over. Lol, sorry everyone.