Story time

Me and my boyfriend were having sex, and we both finished and everything an after he went to go "clean up" and then I realized I started my period during 😅 (I didn't notice before bc we were in a very dimmly lit room and it came early) I sat nervously on his bed and once he came back and all I could say was "I think I got my period???" I was so super embarrassed and didn't know what to expect from him as this is a fairly new relationship.. (Note that I'm 18, him 19, so I definitely expected him to be mortified) he looked at me and was just like "okay. It's totally okay" I felt so comforted by the way he handled the whole situation and he did so much to convince me that it was nothing to be embarrassed about and that he understands that it happens. And I am highly aware that those facts are very true, but it was refreshing for him to have handled it all in the manner that he did