Guys can be the worst

guys can sometimes be the absolute worst. This guy I was talking to would text me or snapchat me every morning before I woke up and was calling me like babe, baby,baby girl etc. and I woke up this morning with no texts or snapchats at all from him and he had opened my snapchat and didn't respond so I just thought hmm maybe he fell asleep and forget to respond oh well. So I snapchatted him saying "morning babe" and he just responded "goodmorning" and so later on in the day any time I tried to use like babe or another name he would always just respond with very blunt and short answers and I knew something had to be up because his responses are never like that despite after asking multiple times he said he was perfect and didn't know why I though something was wrong. So later on in the day I found that a girl that has been following me on Instagram is actually his ex girlfriend and I just hadn't even realized it was her. I later get a text from him saying "why did you let her follow you she's crazy and is going to talk bad about you." Truth be told she texted him and was like "oh good job she's soooo attractive" obviously saying it sarcastically. So she clearly is still not over him even though they dated for only a month. The next day I texted him over snapchat asking if he wanted to hang out and go to lunch or dinner because I would be around his house. Next thing I know he blocked me on snapchat and when I asked for the decency to just give me a yes or no answer he read me. Well come to find out I go back to his ex girls page
and what do I find.... a picture of them together on his bed cuddling. It sucks for all the bad mouthing he did about her.. I guess when she saw him take intrest in me and not her anymore she told him she misses him and now they're together again 😔😔