SO is leaving..

Caraa • .

I'm due August 4th, and my MIL has planned a weekend at a cabin, and amusement park the last weekend of July. It's an hour and a half trip from my town. My SO is planning on going, because it's supposed to be a surprise for his granny, as it's her birthday and his older sister is driving 10 hours just to surprise her. Which of course nothing is wrong with him wanting to go except the fact that I will be due any day then. And it'd seriously be my luck to go into labor once he's away. He doesn't see the issue in it, but I want him to be there every second with me. I know he will calm me down. Am I crazy for being concerned about it?

Update- I just learned that I will possibly have to have another c-section if I don't dilate or show any signs of thinning/or even dropping within the next week. So in 7-10 days I'll either have a scheduled c-section planned or I'll be awaiting going into labor! Due to baby's size already. So once we find out, we are going to discuss him going!