I never knew

How common miscarriage was until I had one, I was due Febuary third and we were SO excited. I've had two perfect pregnancies both resulting in beautiful children. Never in a million years did I think miscarriage would happen to me. I miscarried on 5/31. The doctor told me it was so early on I was either having a miscarriage OR it was just very early and that's why they couldn't see anything on the ultrasound. I held on to that shred of hope all month, until my period started today ☹️ I'm just so sad, I want to try again but I want my February baby back...::I'm scared to try again and go through another loss. I know it was early and the baby was barely even a baby yet, but that little bean meant the world to me and my boyfriend...we've wanted another child for a long time but never felt it was the right time. Go figure now that we are both financially stable And really ready this happens, I guess I'm just venting...I wish each and everyone of you the best and prayers for healthy pregnancy a either now or in the future 😘