Pre eclampsia questions

So i went to my 34 week appt today and the dr said i am traveling towards pre eclampsia 😳😳 i gained 5 lbs in the 2 weeks since i last saw them, my feet have been really swollen and my bp was 135/85 (my usual this pregnancy has not been above 120/70) so in doing some reading i read that seeing black spots is also a sign ... i didnt say anything about tthe spots i have been seeing bc i had zero clue that they were relevant ( also my mind goes blank as soon as i step in the office) so should i call and tell them about the spots i see sometimes or wait till my appt next week ? As they did go ahead and move me to weekly appts vs every two weeks... im not wanting to seem like the "lady who web md's everything " but i did look at several articles so i could kinda explain it to my husband... i just dont know to call and tell them before my appt or wsit till next thursday !?!?