Blocked Fallopian tubes ttc 2nd baby

Hi Glow!
So I have been trying for my 2nd baby now for almost a 1 and a half. With out first baby we didn't even try and got pregnant right away she is now 3. I would have really bad pelvic pains non stop since getting off birth control didn't think anything of it until I bled for 10 days straight and rushed to the hospital and they told me I have a cyst and also multiple small fibroids near my uterus. Went to my obgyn and he told me my pain isn't from that. But he also told me to get the dye test done to see if my tubes are blocked. Results came back and turns out they are blocked. My dr wants reassurance because he feels it is strange why I conceived so early the first time and not now. So he is scheduled me for a surgery in September where he is going to make an incision in my abdominal and go in and take a look for himself. Has anyone had this fine before? And if so what were the results of it? And were you able to get pregnant. I'm just confused and not sure what to think