Pregnancy rant..

Okay ladies found out I will be getting induced July 15th. Which was actually the same date of my baby shower so we canceled the baby shower and opt for a Sip & See. Well long story short we (SO, my mom and her wife) went to buy final touches that we personally want (big ticket items and some small). Got to the bottles and they know I will be breastfeeding so we wanted bottles that was an easy transfer without nipple confusion so SO and can feed and bond with baby. Well we got a few different ones but my mom's wife got 10 bottles of the ones she wanted and told us directly that this is what she will use and nothing else.. I was mad because she was like I don't care what bottles me and SO use she uses what she wants.. on top of that SO leaves for a month to go to training for his job in a differnt state about a week after the baby is born which means I will be at my mother's during that time to help with the baby and help me heal... her wife has even said that if we bring our own bottles she will not use them... help guys I need advice!!! She also done the same thing with the dipers... ugh!