How did you find out you had PCOS?

Kris • Married to the most awesome man! Mommy to Wessly Nathaniel and pregnant with our little peanut! ❤️
First of all, baby dust and happy ttc to all of you. I have a friend who got pregnant on her wedding night (the loss of her virginity) and now almost 4 years later she still has not conceived again despite their lack of birth control usage. She recently went to the doctor only to have them tell her she has PCOS and her daughter is a miracle! I have a few questions because I am doing research to help make women more aware and who better to ask than you? Thanks for your help! 
Were there any signs or symptoms? 
Have you conceived on your own despite having PCOS? 
How were you diagnosed? 
Are you doing anything to increase your chances of being pregnant and if so, what? 
Do you believe that PCOS effects more than just you and your partner?